Progressive Conditioning – Definition by Don Mashak

Progressivism relates to a political movement that began in the USA circa 1905.  It drew heavily on Darwinism (1860) and the Theory of Evolution as foundational elements.

Is your government making you behave like Pavlov's Dog?

Is your government making you behave like Pavlov’s Dog?

Progressives believe people must be conditioned, either like Pavlov’s dog or by the methods of B. F. Skinner and Edward Bernays, to behave as Government wants them to behave rather than as they are naturally inclined to behave. Conditioning is politically correct for Reward and Punishment. (Learn more about Classical Conditioning ) Progressive Conditioning is analogous to the the “beat down” used by local tyrant thugs in the “hood”. The beat down consists of harassing, intimidating and/or physically beating an individual (depending on the personality of the individual) so much and so often that the individual becomes submissive and compliant to the will of the perpetrator. Progressive Government Tyrant Thugs (aka Educated Elite) are no better than the local Tyrant Thugs; They just have the color of law, overwhelming force, a better organized criminal organization, a complicit Main Stream Media, and better public relations.

To better understand Progressive Conditioning, it is perhaps easiest to establish a portion of the metaphysical context America was founded upon.

America revolted from the Government Doctrine of “Divine Right of Kings”. The King/Queen/Aristocracy (hereafter ‘King’) asserted they were a God or the representative of God here on earth and therefore no earthly being could question their authority. The King owned all land. People were subjects having no rights, only permissions and privileges that could be revoked at anytime for any reason. The purpose of Government under Divine Right of Kings is to maintain order and to act in the best interests of the community.(Which usually defaulted to the best interests of the King, the aristocracy and the King’s moneyed friends) This highlights the relevant elements of what the American Colonists really revolted from.

America was founded on Natural Law and Natural Rights. These are concepts that were reduced to writing during The Enlightenment 1650-1800. John Locke was one of the Prominent “Men of Letters” during The Enlightenment. His book “Two Treatises of Civil Government” spoke to Natural Law, Unalienable Natural Rights, The Social Contract and Consent of the Governed.

John Locke and the Founder’s believed Government must be constructed with the “Nature of Man in the Natural State” in mind. The Cato Letters perhaps best represents what the Founder’s believed the Natural State of Man to be:

“All [People] have free will and are not virtuous by Nature.”

That is why our Founder’s constructed out government with Checks and Balances, Transparency and Accountability.

Locke and the Founders held that the purpose of government was to allow each individual more liberty than they would otherwise have in the chaos of the pre-government natural state. (where they would have to be vigilant 24/7 to protect their home, family and property from others) .

As we can see, Locke and the Founder’s were interested in maximizing the freedom of the individual, not controlling the individual. The Founder’s saw government as being subordinate to the individual.

“The Purpose of Government is to allow the individual more freedom than they would have in the chaos of the pre-government Natural State, not to force them to serve government or corporations”.

Don Mashak

Progressives on the other hand, believe the individual should be subordinate to the will of the Government aka Progressive Educated Elites. And since the individual’s nature in the natural state is to free from any earthly dominion, individuals must be conditioned to submit to the this role. So your Natural Right to challenge and protest your government is gone, and Progressives can and do punish the voices of political dissent.


Do you prefer Pavlov or Skinner conditioning be used on you, your spouse and your children by Progressive Educated Elites?

On another level, Progressives try to rationalize to the masses that the source of exploitation of the masses are the evils of Individuality, Creativity, Competition and Free Markets.  (So on the first level, perhaps you should ask yourself if you want to give up your individuality, creativity and other unalienable Natural Rights before you throw in with the Progressives.)

A “practical” reason why Progressives say individuality has to be conditioned out of the individual arises in the Progressive Educated Elites desire to “tell” the individual what their working career will be.  According to Progressives, you can’t have a bunch of Individuals exercising their own Self-Determination in choosing what their career will be. In fact, Progressive Common Core starts “career tracking” kids starting in Second Grade based on standardized tests. Read “Is Common Core simply pure evil?” for more details on the Conditioning that occurs via Common Core.

And this is why Progressives assert conditioning is just and necessary. As we have said, conditioning essentially comes down to rewards and punishments. And the evil truth is, Progressives don’t tell you are being conditioned, you just have to figure it out. How do Progressives condition (reward and punish) the masses. From subtle to not so subtle, here are some examples.

  1. Praise vs scolding and time outs;
  2. Community Recognition vs Social Shunning;
  3. Standard Progressive Education reeducation;
  4. Work Raises, Promotions and Recognition vs No raises, No Promotions, Firing and Black listing;
  5. Standard Surveillance vs invasive Surveillance;
  6. Left alone, warnings, special consideration vs Bogus Tickets/charges ,Flagging, Red Listing, and other criminal charges;
  7. Favorable Civil, Family, Administrative and Criminal Court Rulings vs Unfavorable Rulings > One of America’s Best Known Secrets;
  8. Granted vs Denied Zoning Variances;
  9. Normal vs Increased Property Taxes;
  10. No IRS harassment vs IRS harassment;
  11. Coverup ups of unflattering person information vs fabrication and dissemination of negative person information, etc. like COINTELPRO operations rising to blackmail and extortion to oppress political dissent type behaviors;
  12. 16 Ways to Break a Person;
  13. US Judicial Control & Persecution;
  14. Common Core;
  15. Engineering Consent – Subverting the Democratic Process;

Now keep in mind, most of this stuff is unconstitutional, illegal and/or violates your Natural Rights, which is why Progressives don’t tell you that they are doing these things to you, you just have to sort of figure it out. (Also the reason why Progressives want to get rid of the Jeffersonian Constitution)

“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it!”

John Hay (1872)

Now consider that Progressive Conditioning comes close to recreating the relationship between King and Subject under Divine Right of Kings.  Subjects had no rights, only permissions and privileges. Criticize the King and there go your permissions and privileges. In using Progressive Government, Our Progressive Government setting up a Governmental consequence to Political dissent. And conditioning WE THE PEOPLE to be Sheople to avoid the consequences of Progressive Conditioning.

Finally, when thinking about Progressive Conditioning, consider their position that Government can be trusted and therefore won’t abuse there authority and unaccountability.

In rebuttal, this writer offers CIA MK Ultra program, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Experiments on Military personnel with prior consent, forced castration of blacks and slavery.

This isn’t conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact.

  1. Are you willing to give up your Unalienable Natural Rights, such as Individualism and creativity, to Progressive Educated Elites and, instead let them condition you to behave as they want you to behave?
  2. Do you really want to trust Government to use Progressive “Conditioning” wisely?

[Essentially Progressivism is the reincarnation of the Divine Right of Kings with the pretext of individual free will. – Further, Progressivism calls for Educated Elites, selected from amongst the wealthy, leisure class, to determine what the best interests of the community are. And, since we already know human nature, we no that unaccountable Educated Elites will soon have the community best interests, default to their own bests interests, just as occurred under the Divine Right of Kings] A Summary of Progressivism

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your support.

Keep fighting the Good Fight!
In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

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